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Do not stop to take anything with you. Yell so other people in the house will hear you. Do not use the elevator if there is a fire in an apartment building. Use the stairs or a fire escape. Touch all doors with the back of your hand before opening them. Do not open hot doors. There is probably fire on the other side. Crawl on the floor if there is smoke in the air. There will be less smoke down low. Cover your mouth and nose. You can use a towel, a tissue, or your shirt. Don’t open a door if you see smoke coming from under it.

STOPPING FIRES BEFORE THEY START The best way to fight a fire is to make sure it never starts. Never play with matches. Blow out candles before you go to bed. Do not leave towels or paper near a stove. Can you think of other fire dangers? An electrical outlet with too many plugs is a very common fire hazard. LOOK! Walk around your house or apartment and look for fire dangers. Make a list and show it to your parents. They can help you get rid of these dangers. Make sure your house has at least one smoke detector on each floor.

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