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By Margaret Larkin

ISBN-10: 1851684069

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This exhaustive and but spell binding learn considers the lifestyles and paintings of al-Mutanabbi (915-965), usually considered as the best of the classical Arab poets. A progressive at center and sometimes imprisoned or compelled into exile all through his tumultuous lifestyles, al-Mutanabbi wrote either debatable satires and whilst hired via one among his many shoppers, laudatory panegyrics. using an ornate sort and use of the ode, al-Mutanabbi used to be one of many first to effectively movement clear of the often inflexible kind of Arabic verse, the 'qasida'.

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EYE ON THE HAMDANID PRIZE Al-Mutanabbi’s ambition would not let him rest on his laurels, and his Arab pride yearned for a kindred spirit as patron. After several months of tranquility and security, al-Mutanabbi left Ramlah with the goal of establishing a connection with the Hamdanid ruler of Aleppo, Sayf al-Dawlah. Early in his career, al-Mutanabbi had made two unsuccessful attempts to make contact with him; this time he decided to employ a go-between and headed for the court of Sayf alDawlah’s cousin, Abu ’l-‘Asha’ir, the governor of Antioch.

Al-Mutanabbi took great pride in his own tribal heritage, but for him it was just one ingredient, albeit an important one, in the sense of self and of individual worth to which he was primarily attached. In this elegy, al-Mutanabbi is articulating a new ethic for a new age, using the terms set by the old edifice. THE IKHSHIDID CONNECTION By the end of 941, al-Mutanabbi, frustrated with the insecurity and the modesty of his circumstances, put aside his aversion to panegyrizing non-Arab rulers, and set his sights on the court of Muhammad al-Ikhshid, who had regained control over much of Syria.

What attachment means for the individual’s sense of himself in the face of the fleetingness of life and love, and how he deals with the experience of loss, that is the essense of the amatory prelude. Incorporating the patron into that profound emotional experience from the poetic tradition not only lends him a measure of its historical and symbolic power as the well-spring of the Arab poetic tradition, but also puts him at the heart of the most primary human experience. qxd 9/14/2007 1:57 PM Page 39 GLORY DAYS IN ALEPPO 39 al-Dawlah’s attention.

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Al-Mutanabbi: Voice of the ‘Abbasid Poetic Ideal by Margaret Larkin

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