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By Jacques Barzun

ISBN-10: 0819562068

ISBN-13: 9780819562067

Engl. Language and reports

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Forthe attribution to Koresiaof coins with twodolphins, see Meynaerts, Description de la collection de médailles antiques en or, grecques, romaines, byzantines et visigothes, recueillies par J. P. Meynaerts de Louvain, Gand 1852,14, n. 44. 2. Seen again on a coin of 5th c. BC from Lycia; Brett, no. 2322. 3. The inscription 90 is preserved on a stater in Berlin, but not the dolphin. The differentiation in the iconography, as well as the degree of its preservation, make its authenticity suspect. , Mint of Koresia, Doubtful I.

For other numismatic parallels, see the illustrations of G. Le Ridder, Le monnayage d'argent et d'or de Philippe II frappé en Macédoine de 359 à 294, Paris 1977. no. 19. 31. CR. Fox, "On a Coin of Glauconnesus", NC 1869,25-27, who had no reservations about its genuineness. 32. R. Münsterberg, Die Beamtennamen auf den griechischen Münzen, Hildenscheim, New York, 1973 (reprint), 115,119. 27 THE COINAGE OF ΚΕΑ Series VI. AE Obv. Aristaeus or Apollo r. Rev. Bunch of grapes, ΙΟΥ ΚΕ nos. 23-26 pi. 2 This series, of which very few examples have survived, also belongs to the late 4th c.

THE COINAGE OF KEA Aristaeus ' travels were not confined to Greece. He went to Sardinia and Sicily, where he taught olive cultivation, and was worshipped as a god. He followed Dionysus on his expedition to India4 and was also initiated by the god into his Mysteries in Thrace, where he spent the last years of his life. After dwelling sometime in the region of Haemus, he then disappeared. However, his cult continued for many years among the Thracians and Greeks. 5 The same name was also in fact an epithet applied to other gods.

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