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Puratonikku 'Platonic' Λ LHHHLL c. burasi 'blush' Λ HLL d. metoroporisu 'metropolis' Λ LHHHLL As mentioned in the previous section, accent on the antepenultimate mora if class. The examples in (31) show that (5). Notice, now, that the name of a can be either (32a) or (32b): loanwords tend to have their they belong to the accented (29b) conforms completely to famous contemporary linguist 26 A Theory of Stress and Accent (32) a. tyomusllkii 'Chomsky' Λ H L b. LL tyomusllkii Λ L H LL The form in (32a) derives from the principle respect the original accent and the form in (32b) from the principle conform to the native system, with the antepenultimate stress shifted to the left by HVD.

The final mora D of the second member of the compound is accented. Of these four classes, (23d) is highly restricted, the bulk of such cases consisting of compounds whose second member contains exactly one mora, as in (24): (24) a. 'courtesy' rei-gi Λ LHH b. niga-mi 'bitterness' Λ LH Η c. nemu-ke 'sleepiness' Λ LH Η (23a) is also restricted, especially if both the first and the second member of the compound are bi-moraic. In such cases, this class seems to be restricted to either CVV-X, CVN-X or CVC-X compounds (where X is any two-mora word that constitutes the second member of the compound noun), as in (25), or to compounds in which the initial mora of the first member is accented, as in (26).

There is no subsidiary stress. 34 A Theory of Stress and Accent (13) a. b. initial-head accented second-head accented I am initial-head undergo the second-head. ) (14) Move a Since Nakizin has a pitch-accent system, the subsidiary stresses introduced by (12a, b) should be subsequently erased. Notice that the parameter setting [left], as given in (12b), is supported by the following facts: (15) a. jama [ a b. * [ kha ] ti c. a [ maa 'there' (16) a. b. a [ maa * kha ] thi second-accented 'to there' (15c) shows that if an unaccented noun is followed by an accented enclitic, the accent on the enclitic serves as the main stress of the string (cf.

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