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19. Reyarence. 2Q. Speaking. ent.. of reverence, £ear. EleMents indicating that the deity haa 19 spoken something. ,21. ion8hip. ElEuaents indicating that the deity has a special rolationship to the child or mankind. 22. Strength. Elements o£ physical strength, power. 23. Trust. 24. ing. Elements of· trust, dependence, Elemen~s n{: tr~stworthiness. of well-being, life, health, prosperity, success, good fortune. 25. Wisdom. Elements of wisdom, knowledge. 26. d. Elements whose meaning is·unknown or whoae classification is ,problematic or wh~se meaning is not significant to the meaning o£ the PH.

These names are the parent to the child, r~minding ~ord~ the of advice from ch~ld ~o doing something in relation to the deity. v continue They usually have . g. Ilis-tikal, "Trust in the Exelte~ p9~itioq. 8. ~). "at~ribute" names (see no. 2 above) which exalt the deity in relation to other gods'or mankind or the land, e~c. g. Sin-bel-ili, "Sin is the lord of the gods"). The inforMation we have Just described is listed in Table 1 which follows. The number of times each appears at each city is giv~n element.

B1£th. , help, support. Elements concerning the birth, creation, or naMing of the child. 4. 5. Elements of cOMpa~aion, grace, mercy • • COMpensatiQn. EleMents which indicate that the d~ity has compensated for the death of a previous family member by providing a new child. 6. Consideration. Elfallenta of c:onsidtu'atfon, hearing, •••ing, reMeMbrance, understanding. 7. Deliyer,nce. Ele••nta of deliverance, salvation, triUMph, victory, sparing. 8. Greatness. s. 9. Guidan

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