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65; Krause 1966, no. 76*; Krause 1971, no. 70; Antonsen 1972b, 46-53; Klingenberg 1973, 91-6, 260-6*; Antonsen 1975. 22. 40 Strarup neckring. South Jutland, Denmark. D. lebro lefrr-o, fern. nom. , on-stern; PG */lepr-on/, cf. OHG ledar, OS lethar, OE leber, OIc. leather'; PIE */letr-on/, cf. Olr. lethar. Transl. e. the leathery one]'. 283-4*; Johannesson no. 61; Noreen no. 67; Krause 1937, no. 82*; Jacobsen-Moltke no. 18* and col. 682; Makaev no. 87; Krause 1966, no. 42*; Krause 1971, no. 93. 23.

PG (stressed) */mez/, cf. Go. m/s, OHG mir, OS mi, OE me, OIc. mer ,to me'; PIE */me-s/, cf. , ma-, Gk. me, erne, Lat. ) mi-hi, Umbr. me-he, Olr. me. wage, cf. Go. Veila « */weg-u-a/), OHG Wac-mund, OE Wceg-mund. wäg-7, masc. dat. , o-stem; PG */w5g-a-i/, cf. Go. rough water, swell', OIc. vagr ,sea'; PIE */we|n-o-y/, cf. OInd. draft animal, vehicle', Gk. okhos, OS1. vozu ,wagon', Lith. carriage'. birgnggu, cf. OHG Birico, Sal-inga, Irm-inga, OE Beorga, OIc. Berg-, Biarg-, Biqrg-. birg-ing-u, fern.

Sat-i-do, 1st sg. pret. , wk verb I; PG */sat-i-do:n/, cf. Go. satida, OHG satzta, OS satte, setta, OE sette, OIc. set'; PIE */sod-ey-dn"o-m/ (reformed accord- 43 ing to jO-verbs), cf. OInd. sets', Gk. hodem ,to sell', OS1. sadati, Lith. sodinu, sodinti ,set, plant'. stain-[a], see 18 Vetteland. , see 11 Möjbro. Transl. e. war-leader of one's own people] with gaping wound. e. defender of stone (mounments? )], painted (it). e. the agile one], set the stone on . . '. : Noreen no. 55; Krause 1937, no.

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